#Snapstar Dolls – new 2019

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The #SNAPSTAR squad is a fashionable group of the best girls who are ready to influence the world! Lola, Aspen, Izzy, Echo, Don and Yuki unite love of fashion, style, food, music and travel!

Download the free Snapstar Studio app in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android and get creative! Use the green screen and the doll stand included with #SNAPSTAR to customize the background and functions of your #SNAPSTAR!

These dolls will teach you to be Instagram stars.

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Each set of #SNAPSTAR includes

1 #SNAPSTAR Doll with accessories
1 stand for posing
1 green screen (chroma key)
Free download of #SNAPSTAR Studio application

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Just a collection of 6 dolls.

Echo – Blinded Babe Echo is a dreamy girl who floats through life with a light fresh look. Although she embodies the flickering grace of a mermaid, she is never “fish out of the water.”
Izzy – Master Crafter Izzy is a green girl who loves the environment and is passionate about recycling! This girl does not let go – she can turn anything into something amazing.
Lola – 99% Unicorn! Lola is a ball of positive energy that sees the best in all and beauty in everything! Although Lola is passionate about changing the world for the better, she believes that kindness is the key.

Yuki – # turn on! Yuki is a feisty chick that goes to her own rhythm! She is a music enthusiast, always releasing the hottest EDM tracks. When Yuuki is not in the studio, she throws parties with DJs all over the city; and she is always sure that her girls will be on the VIP list!
Dawn – Fashion Diva! Dawn is a strong, fashionable diva who agrees only for the best – she knows what she wants and always gets it! Want to know where the party is? Call for the dawn!
Aspen – #wanderlust Aspen is a wide-eyed wanderer. She wants to follow along!

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They are very fun to play – watch the video.

Cost of dolls 14 $.




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