The best dolls of 2020!

best dolls 2020 HOT TOYS

At the end of the year, let’s take a look back at what dolls were released in 2020 and which ones were the most popular!

Let’s divide the best dolls of 2020 into categories:

Collectible Fashion Dolls 2020

This year’s Super New from MGAE are the Rainbow High dolls.

rainbow high fashion dolls

This is a collection of dolls in the colors of the rainbow, with cute makeup, gorgeous hair, articulated arms and legs. Each doll has two outfits and shoes, for fun dressing up!

A second series of Rainbow High dolls has already been announced for the beginning of 2021!

LOL Surprise OMG Remix

lol surprise omg remix honeylicious

MGAE 2020’s breakthrough was the already famous LOL OMG dolls from 2019, but now a musical series! The box the new LOL OMG Remix dolls come in is a music player. Insert a record and listen to a tune or create your own music single.

The dolls have two fashionable outfits that can be combined with other dolls in this series!

Barbie Extra Dolls

These are the new ultra-fashionable Barbie dolls with articulated arms and legs. Very fancy outfits, lots of accessories, bright hair and a cute pet! All this will give a lot of fun to your little one!

Barbie Extra Doll 3

LOL Surprise J.K.

I want to highlight this series of LOL Surprise because these babies have caused a furor among girls around the world.

The already familiar popular LOL Tots dolls came in real outfits and with real hair! And the main feature – it’s high platform shoes and fashion accessories. all dolls change color in ice water!

lol surprise jk mini fashion dolls

Surprise Dolls 2020

These surprise dolls were very popular in 2020:

Na Na Na Surprise

In 2020, several series of NaNaNa Surprise-wrapped dolls went on sale!

These are new characters and surprises for your little ones!

Na Na Na Surprise sparkle series dolls

Barbie Color Reveal

Barbie dolls with surprises were still very popular in 2020! The quality of the dolls is better and the sets are more diverse. Barbie Color Reveal Mermaids, Chelsea, pets and big sets with over 50 surprises have appeared!

Barbie Color Reveal with 50 Surprises

LOL Surprise Hair Flips

lol surprise remix hair flip check list

The new Lol Surprise Hair Flips series is not only a chic new surprise hairstyle for the dolls, it’s also a musical surprise! Unpack your doll with its outfit and accessories, find the music record and album with the words of the song. Listen to a tune or create your own track!

Doll Makeover – Failfix

failfix makeover doll

Buy an untidy doll and turn her into a fashionable Failfix beauty! First, apply the mask to your face to makeup. The longer you brush it, the more beautiful your hair will become. Find out what kind of outfit you got.

New Surprise Dolls 2020 – Itty Bitty Prettys

Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Teacup 25 surprises

A new experience of unpacking dolls, new dolls – surprises from Zuru with surprises and accessories.

2020 dolls with a playful storyline

Mattel presented many new game dolls:

Cave Club dolls

Cave Club Rockelle Doll and Tyrasaurus Dinosaur

Cave Club – puppets of cave times.

A collection of dolls of ancient times in stylized outfits, with accessories and even a dinosaur! There’s a Cave Club boy. С этими куклами так весело создавать много сюжетов для игры! Fantasize and have fun!

New Polly Pocket Kits

So many new play sets were released in 2020 with Polly dolls !

Even more stories and locations to play. And the Polly Pocket handbag is a love of all the girls! Now your favorite toy is always with you.

polly pocket purse

Hatchimals Pixies Riders

Now your favorite toy is always with you.

Each doll has a pet and cute accessories. The Hatchimals Pixies Riders set fits all categories:

  • surprise toy
  • collectible doll
  • story dolls
Hatchimals Pixies Riders box

Barbie Princess Adventure

Barbie Modern Princesses are the heroes of the movie. With them you can play a lot of plots and assign roles to all the dolls of the Barbie Princess Adventure collection.

Barbie Princess Adventure

Barbie breathe with me!

A beautiful, fully articulated Barbie 2020 doll! Meditation is a way to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle! Do it with Barbie and her pet. Sound effects and mood clouds of Barbie.

breath with me barbie

I hope this article was helpful to you and that you found the very doll that will make your baby girl happy!

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