The best Shopkins toys. Review

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Your favorite Shopkins from Moose Company! There are so many of them that we decided to do a review of Shopkins toys.

Who are Shopkins?

Shopkins is a separate huge world of toys, which are represented as anthropomorphized vegetables and fruits, figurines, and dolls, clothes, cosmetic products. Shopkins are the perfect toys for collectors, your child will be happy to collect a huge collection of cute toys.

Among the Shopkins toys you will find the perfect one for your child, because the characters of Shopkins have many categories.

List of the best Shopkins toys of 2021

At the moment, more than 100 Shopkins toys are available for purchase, released in 15 different seasons. Shopkins collecting also covers seasons such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter.

I’ll start the list with Shopkins dolls and Shopkins game sets, because Christmas is coming and you’ll need a gift.

Shopkins Happy Places game packs are a separate section in Shopkins toys. Includes cars, houses with faces, carriages with dolls included. Create your own stories with Shopkins characters.

Shopkins Real Littles ™ are the same brands you’ll find in supermarkets – just in miniature! But these cute things are full of real little shops. Take home a Pringles package full of different brands and create your own Real Little supermarket! Each Lil’Shopper Pack contains the most beautiful and authentic mini packages and shopping inside.

Shopkins’ rarest toy is Cupcake Queen. This toy is part of the muckth collection. The charming design makes it popular with girls, and the whole set consists of eight mouskiets.

Shopkins Happy Places Royal Wedding Carriage with Pony and Petkins Inside

In the kingdom of Shopkins Happy Places Royal Trends Kingdom wedding season! Princess Lil’Shoppie Bridy (included in the price) is ready to meet her Prince (not included in the set) and share this wonderful event with her best friends. And what could be better than a carriage ride with her lovely pony Murry Belle!

Royal Crown Carriage – the perfect shopkins game set, includes:

  • pony
  • carriage with shining wheels
  • exclusive doll in wedding dress
  • bride’s bouquet

As marry Belle pulls the Royal Crown Carriage, its shiny wheels spin, creating sparkling movement.

The Shopkins carriage holds 5 dolls.

The best Shopkins toys. Review

Shopkins Happy Places Mermaid Convertible

Meet the new Shokins Mermaid-style Convertible with opening doors, hood and trunk.

Pick up four Shoppie friends (not included in the set) And ride with them in a convertible!

Includes exclusive mermaid coral Lil ‘Shoppie! The tail of the mermaid Coraline changes color in the water!

Discover and find inside Shopkins Happy Places Mermaid Convertible cute Petkin picnic accessories!

Download Petkin picnic accessories into the trunk of the Mermaid coral cruiser!

Coral cruiser Mermaid Coral Cruiser, covered with beautiful golden scales, shells and starfish, shimmers like the ocean! Check the opening doors, hood and trunk to store all your picnic accessories! This is the perfect car for riding on the reef!

Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach House Playset

Happy Places Shopkins Rainbow Beach is a unique modern dollhouse that brings the world of Shopkins to life with the help of small Shoppies, colorful furniture (with faces, of course!), as well as collecting and unexpected discoveries. Decorate and furnish with the rainbow Beach House furniture and accessories included in the kit and don’t forget to gather all the Lil’Shoppies and Ponies ready for your holiday!

  • Happy Places Rainbow Beach House is a colorful two-story holiday home with a living room downstairs and a bedroom and patio upstairs.
  • Comes with 5 pieces of furniture for decoration, including a sun lounger and Jacuzzi, so you can design your Rainbow Beach House the way you like.
  • Shopkins House Compatible with all other Shopkins Happy Places furniture game sets.
The best Shopkins toys. Review
Shopkins Happy Places beach house

Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Furniture Set

The set of furniture for barbecue parties includes backyard elements that are ideal for the Rainbow Beach House.

Comes with exclusive Lil’ Shoppie Fleur Mingo doll

Includes a barbecue grill, flamingo-style garden furniture, Fleur Mingo rabbit and more.

Advent Calendar Style Packaging – Open each window to see a surprise piece of furniture or accessory.

The best Shopkins toys. Review

Shopkins Real Littles Mega Pack

Inside the Mega Pack you will find 13 Shopkins and 13 real branded mini-sets!

ALL NEW Micro Mart packaging! Come and check out the latest arrivals that will appear on the shelves!

Includes 6 hidden surprises inside! Who will you find?

In the 15th series you have to collect more than 85 real little games!

Will you find a special limited edition?

The best Shopkins toys. Review

Shopkins Real Littles Collector’s Pack | 8 Real Littles Plus 8 Real Branded Mini Packs

Introducing you to the brand new Real Littles Micro Mart, where you can always have fun in the store when you enter it. With Real Littles, you can find and collect at the Supermarket Mini Packs and Shopkins on a microscale of real brands! Inside each mini package there is a matching shop that is just waiting to pop out and surprise you! Now that the range is even larger, you can find more than 85 real liters in the store! On the shelves you can find a variety of treats, including breakfast, dessert, dinner, drinks, ice cream snacks and much more! There are even limited editions! Inside the collector’s set you will find 8 mini-sets, 8 shopping and 1 collector’s guide. Real little toys are what you like, made by Micro!

The best Shopkins toys. Review

Shopkins Real Littles Stacey Cakes + ICY Treats Scooter

Real brands from the supermarket freezer made by mini Shopkins Real Littles are now in the frozen aisle – find and collect all the Mini Packs and Shopkins and go shopping

Meet the exclusive Good Humor Shoppie Stacey Cakes and ride it on an Icy Treats scooter.

Collect your exclusive Mini Packs or Shopkins at the back of stacey Cake’s Icy Treats scooter storage box. This is the most beautiful way to overcome the heat.

Includes 2 exclusive real mini packages – chocolate chip ice cream and Good Humor strawberry shortbread cookies

Also included are 2 exclusive real shopkins – Sami Strawberry ice cream and Lil’Chip cookie sandwich.

Combine your Mini Mega Mart with shopkins Real Littles Stacey Cakes & Icy Treats (sold separately) for a shopping trip to mega Mini

The best Shopkins toys. Review

Shopkins Small Mart Shopping Cart

  • Fill your cart with cool mini-packages!
  • Includes 6 exclusive Shopkins hiding in cute mini packages!
  • Exclusive shopping cart with brilliant finishes!
  • Each Shopkin has an embossed stamp indicating their first season.
The best Shopkins toys. Review

Shopkins Season 10 Mini Pack

Miniature, realistic packaging with a mysterious store inside!

Includes 12 Mini Packs and 12 Shopkins

For the first time in history, the Shopkins return in seasons 1 to 3 in their original colors with commemorative gold, silver and bronze medalliones.

The best Shopkins toys. Review

What age are Shopkins toys for?

The manufacturer recommends buying Shopkins figures for children older than five years. But if under the supervision of adults, then I think children at 4 years old will also be very interesting to collect them.

Are Shopkins toys for boys or girls?

Figures Shopkins Real Littles Collector’s Pack will be interesting for both boys and girls, as these are sets of mini products with the image of faces that can be bought in the supermarket. A lot of boys also like to play with dolls and that’s okay. Therefore, Shopkins toys are suitable for everyone!

You can play with Shopkins toys in different ways, collect figures or act out role-playing game plots with doll game sets and a house or Happy Places car.

Shopkins Toys Overview


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