L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps – series 4 Reveal!

lol under wraps L.O.L. Surprise!
L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps - series 4 Reveal!

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Eye Spy – this is LOL Surprise series 4!

Read our description to find out everything you need to know about the new LOL doll series.

We will update this guide as information becomes available, so be sure to check our site.

1. What is LOL Surprise Under Wraps?

LOL Surprise Under Wraps is a new surprise toy from Mga Entertainment.

In the third LOL series, Surprise was the sweet name Confetti Pop, which corresponded to a vibrant party such as confetti. LOL Surprise Under Wraps is part of the Eye Spy series – Spy Eyes.

This series of LOL dolls is called Surprise because secret messages are hidden in capsules that can only be read with a spy glass.

lol under wraps glass

2. Packaging LOL Surprise Under Wraps – pink cylinder (capsule).

LOL dolls in the LOL Surprise Under Wraps series do not hide in a ball, as in previous LOL series, but in a capsule – a cylinder with code keys.eye-spy series secret message

As in the other series of dolls LOL, “ball” is a handbag for carrying. For the Series 4 capsule, you will need a secret code to open all the capsule windows.

Under each layer and in every surprise bag are hidden secret messages that you can solve with the help of a spy glass decoder.

As with other LOL doll series, the LOL Surprise Under Wraps Capsule is a bag for carrying the LOL doll. To open all the capsule doors, you will need to pick up the code indicated in the prompt. The codes on each door are different. These are combinations of opposites.

3. In LOL Surprise Under Wraps Tots there are 15 surprises.

lol surprise under wraps 1

There are 15 surprises. Yes, you read that right …

Here is what you find inside LOL Surprise Under Wraps Series 4.

There are the usual surprises doll LOL:

  • secret message
  • spy eyes
  • codes
  • bottle
  • shoes
  • outfit
  • accessory
  • doll
  • unwrap 7 surprises

lol surprise under wraps doll 3

Spies need disguises, but until you open the capsule you will not know how the doll is disguised.

After unpacking the three layers of packaging, having found a magnifying glass and tips, we can try to open the windows and the capsule with the doll itself. We saw, with the help of a magnifying glass, that the pictures (codes) on the locks should be opposite, for example, fire-ice, sun-cloud, or, conversely, close in meaning and theme.

There are four locks on the capsule – the main section with a chrysalis and three small windows with accessories to it. The codes for each window are their own.

Now, having opened all the LOL Under Wraps doors, we saw a doll disguised in a silicone suit, after removing which we can finally see who we got!

The capsule can be used not only as a handbag, but also as a casket in which you can store your secrets under ciphers.

lol under wraps eye spy disguises

lol eye spy decoder

However, this is not all! Not all secrets have yet been revealed. Under the packaging you will find a secret message that needs to be decoded using a magnifying glass, tips in the packaging layers and symbols. Fill in the gaps in the letter and find out the message for you.

In the fourth LOL series – LOL Surprise Under Wraps of the first wave (There is already the second wave of the LOL Under Wraps series) you can collect 12 LOL dolls.

lol surprise under wraps doll 4

lol surprise under wraps collector

L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps - series 4 Reveal!

The dolls in the LOL Underwraps series are divided into clubs:

The Glitterati – Bling Queen is a rare doll with a shiny hairstyle and outfit. Water surprise – spits.lol surprise underwraps bling queen

Opposites Club – in the second wave of LOL Under Wraps.

Glam Club – As If Baby – The Great Baby and Fashion Doll

lol underwraps the great baby

lol underwraps as if baby

Chill Out Club – Big City B.B. popular doll.

lol surprise underwraps doll

Storybook Club – Kansas Q.T.

lol kansas qt

Athletic Club –  Drag Racer and  Caddy Cutie

lol underwraps doll lol surprise drag racer

Retro Club – Soul Babe

lol underwraps doll 1

This LOL Surprise Underwraps doll is very similar to the LOL Surprise Advent calendar doll LOL Surprise 2019 – LOL Surprise #OOTD

Pop Club – 80s B.B. It seems that the pet is dolls from the LOL Surprise Fluffy Pets series and his name is 80s Bunny.

lol underwraps doll 2

Art Club – Pop Heart – a very rare doll, it is on the packaging of the Under Wraps capsule of the first wave. It changes color very beautifully.

lol underwraps doll 3

Spooky Club – Countess

lol underwraps doll 4

lol surprise underwraps doll

4. LOL Surprise Under Wraps Lil Sisters and Lol Under Wraps Pets

lol eye spy lil sisters mga

Little Sisters are in a pink ball with a similar theme.

L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps - series 4 Reveal!

There are 5 surprises, including:

lol lil sister eye spy surprises

  1. spy glass
  2. secret message sticker
  3. shoes
  4. accessory
  5. doll

All LOL dolls little sisters change color.

Here are some LOL lil sisters dolls you can get in the first wave of the LOL Under Wraps series.

lol surprise lils

lol surprise underwraps

lol surprise underwraps lils

LOL Surprise Under Wraps lils in the second wave such LOL Lil sisters are waiting for you

lol surprise lil sisters eye spy

L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps - series 4 Reveal!

lol surprise under wraps lils

In this series there are two boys LOL Surprise, among which the ultra-rare lil Bebe Bonito

L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps - series 4 Reveal!

lil bebe bonito

LOL Surprise Under Wraps First Dolls: Pop Heart and Lil Pop Heart

pop heart and lil pop heart lol

Pop Heart is a LOL doll inspired by the 60s. Her name is in honor of pop art, a modern art movement that was very popular in the 60s (it still exists today). Also, it was in those years that the series I Spy was released.

Pop Heart is a super actress! She wears a blue, white and red and yellow mini dress with stylish comic stripes and ben-day dots, two signs of Pop Art movement. She also has bluish, purple and black hair with a red bandage in her hair. Pop Heart completes its 60s look with red tights with red dots and white boots.

Pop Heart’s sister Pop is called Lil Pop Heart and has a blue / purple-black hairstyle and a red bandage.

5. LOL Surprise Under Wraps wave 2

Here is a doll on the second wave capsule:

lol series 4 wave 2

In wave 2 there is 1 older brother and 2 lil brothers!

L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps - series 4 Reveal!

Previously, we only had Punk Boi and Lil Punk Boi, now we have 1 older brother and 2 new brothers.

New boy – Scribbles (nonsense), and he is definitely a new cool, pontovy! Scribbles has the fact that the 90s was kept bell vibe with writing on his hat and shorts. The boy will either write or spit. He is a rare doll, you can find him in the capsule of the second wave.

lol series 4 boy scribbles

Lil Sk8er Boi and Lil Bebe Bonito are actually little brothers for doll girls. Both change color, like all Little Sisters dolls.

lol series 4 boys

You can find two of these miles only in the balls of the second wave!

The surprises and their number in the second wave of LOL UnderWraps remain unchanged.

lol surprise under wraps


secret message
decoder (magnifier)
door codes
water surprise doll
seven layers of silicone molds in which LOL dolls are hiding.
But what kind of dolls are hiding in the second wave of LOL Under Wraps

lol surprise under wraps wave 2 doll

L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps - series 4 Reveal!

lol surprise under wraps

10. There will be a wave 3 of the fourth series!

Leave this to MGA Entertainment, the creators of LOL dolls, the opportunity to surprise us. According to the last collector list, in series 4 there will be a wave 3.

In wave 3 there will be 12 big sisters (tots). There will be no little sisters (or brothers) because they were all released.

When this happens is not yet known.

L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps - series 4 Reveal!

series 4 wave 2 collector poster lol

6. The LOL Surprise Under Wraps series also has pets!

lol surprise under wraps pets

And now about the pets of Lol Surprise 4 series – LOL Surprise Pets Under Wraps.

L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps - series 4 Reveal!

LOL Surprise Under Wraps pets also released 2 waves. This is how the balls with pets of the 4th series of the second wave look like.

lol surprise under wraps pets 2

These are pink balls of the LOL series spy glass – in each layer of the package is encrypted a message that must be entered in the letter. You are waiting for 7 surprises inside.

L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps - series 4 Reveal!

lol surprise pets series 4

Spy glass
secret message
pet with a water surprise.
You will need a scoop because the shoes are hidden in the sand. By the way, do not throw away sand, it is kinetic and they can be played many times, it does not dry out. This can be a toilet or a LOL pet play area.

Pets in the 4th LOL series are very cute and interesting.

lol surprise pet series 4 1 lol surprise pets series 4 2

Collect them all for complete fun. Moreover, many pets from the fourth LOL Surprise series are suitable for LOL dolls of other series and large LOL Surprise families can be assembled. Many LOL Under Wraps pets are suitable for LOL dolls of the third series – Confetti Pop.

Here are all the LOL pets of the Under Wraps collection. As many as 37 pets you can collect in your collection.

lol surprise under wraps pets collect lol surprise under wraps pet

Pets LOL Surprise 4-series, like dolls LOL 4 series, are divided into clubs. There are popular, fashionable, rare and ultra-rare pets.

Rare pets for the first wave of Series 4 are The Pony, Coco Hammy and Cheeky-Hedgehog. Pony has a magnificent mane with a golden sheen.

lol series 4 pets the pony

The ultra-rare pets of the first wave of the fourth series are Sugar Squeak and Sugar Sneak at the Glitterati Club and Dusk Raven at the Opposites Club.

Rare pets of the 4th series of the 2nd wave are Independent Meow and Madame Pup (both Glitterati Club).

Flower Doodle (Glam Club) is the only ultra-rare pet for LOL Surprise pets Series 4 wave 2.

L.O.L SURPRISE! Under Wraps - series 4 Reveal!

Lol Surprise – wonderful toys, a welcome gift for any girl.

At the moment, the newest series of LOL Surprise are – LOL Surprise Glitter Globe. Read, you will be delighted with these dolls LOL Surprise!


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