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Although dolls are usually classified as toys, not all of them are designed for play, and some are simply expensive decorative items that cost a fortune.

Dolls, from vintage plush toys to miniature figurines, have a rich history. Over the years, collecting has become a strong growth direction, as people are always eager to add rare and expensive toys to their collection. Here are some of the most expensive dolls in the world.

Children collect Barbie as often as they drink juice. But imagine that one of the dolls gathering dust in the back of your childhood closet was worth millions. From the first Barbie ever released to diamond-adorned designer dolls, the value of nine Barbies here will amaze you. The most surprising thing is that most of these expensive dolls are relatively new, not vintage.

Barbie Devi Croell Doll – 1075 USD

Sold at a charity auction of the Council of Fashion Designers in 2010, this doll is expensive because of fashion accessories. This Barbie was the brainchild of Mattel and Devi Croell. Devi Kroell is known for her high-quality bags and purses of Italian production. There is only one copy of the doll with gold boots, and it was he who was sold at auction in 2010.

Boots and handbag are by far the most stunning aspect of this doll. It looks ready for the red carpet.

Devi Kroell Barbie Doll

Marie Antoinette Barbie – $1,250

This doll looks like an 18th-century goddess. It honestly looks like it belongs to a museum. She holds porcelain roses, and her dress hides pantaloons with blue satin ribbon shoes.

It is based on Marie Antoinette, who became Queen of France after the coronation of King Louis XVI.

The dress looks luxurious with gold fringe, layers, tasses and bows. You could hide a whole other doll under that doll’s dress from how much it’s pouf. Many girls dreamed at least once to try on such a dress.

Marie Antoinette Barbie

Monster High

Gulia Yelps is a rare doll from the Monster High series. Their number around the world is only 1000 pieces. The cost of one doll is 686 dollars.

most expensive monster high doll

The circulation of a black and white doll from the Monster High series is 5000 pieces. The price of an attractive beauty is 580 dollars.

most expensive doll monster high

Reborn Doll

Today, Reborn dolls are very popular. These toys have won the love of not only small but also young girls. Dolls look exactly like a living baby, repeating all the features of the structure of the body. It is very difficult to distinguish them from real children. They come of all ages, starting with premature, newborn ending with quite adult specimens. Dolls are made with different colors of skin, eyes and hair, so you can safely choose a baby to your liking. The cost of the most expensive high-quality doll made by great artists is 4 thousand dollars.

most expensive reborn dolls
most expensive reborn doll

Lorraine Schwartz Barbie

Lorraine Schwartz Barbie

Barbie by Canturi

a legant lady in a cocktail dress and exquisite shoes. The hairstyle and makeup of the doll are thought out to the smallest detail. The neck of the beauty is decorated with a necklace from the Canturi collection with a pink diamond inserted, and a diamond ring sparkles on her finger. The doll was made in a single copy and sold at auction for $ 302,500. All this money went to the fund of the breast cancer research laboratory.

most expensive doll Barbie Canturi

Pink Diamond Barbie – $15,000

Pink Diamond Barbie

Mint Condition Original Barbie – $27,450

“Barbie No. 1” is the world’s first doll dressed in a swimsuit with a print zebra color. The doll is wearing beautiful round earrings. The cost of the doll today is 8000 dollars.

most expensive doll Barbie 1

Advertising Barbie Barbie and Diamond Castle – 95 361 dollars

This doll was made to promote the film Barbie and the Diamond Castle. It was presented in Mexico City. It was not put up for sale, but the cost was still calculated. It has 318 diamonds. Forty-four precious stones adorn her dress, and the rest are decorated with accessories made of white gold.

Giancarlo Melloni, Barbie’s brand manager in Mexico, said the film, “whose main theme is diamonds,” touches on topics as important to girls as “friendship, music and shiny jewels.”

most expensive barbie

Barbie to the 40th anniversary of De Beers (1999): 85000 dollars

To celebrate Barbie’s 40th anniversary, Mattel teamed up with De Beers to dress up this glamorous doll. Along with a full-length transparent skirt, a gold top from a swimsuit and a suitable tangerine smell, this doll rocks a belt decorated with 160 diamonds from a well-known jewelry company. It was sold for 85 thousand dollars.

De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie

Totally Hair Barbie (1992): $160

Remember that funny Barbie from the early ’90s? It included styling gel and hair accessories, so you could give it a Drybar-level look in your own bedroom. But these days, you might not want to mess around with her hair – this vintage Barbie is now on sale on eBay for $160.

1992 totally hair barbie doll

Kirsten Larson and accessories in perfect condition – $ 2,000.

Due to the fact that this model was discontinued in 2010, its price rose sharply. She was a favorite of collectors’ fans because of her simple yet beautiful design. Kirsten Larson is one of the first three historical dolls in the series, her backstory is a Swedish immigrant living in Minnesota. It was released in 1986. The price will probably only rise over time, as Kirsten is one of the three original dolls of the famous line. In good condition and with plenty of accessories, this doll can cost up to $2,000.

Mint Condition Kirsten Larson And Accessories

James Dudley, kid with cabbage patch – $3,000

Cabbage Patch Kids was one of the most popular toy brands in the 1980s. If you have one of those ’80s dolls, maybe you’re sitting on a decent amount of money.

Collectors pay well for what is considered a vintage Cabbage Patch Kid.

This particular one goes back to 1985, making it expensive in price. Also, the fact that it’s still in the box increased the price per ton. These ’80s dolls are well known for their vinyl heads and fabric bodies.

James Dudley cabbage Patch Kid

Signed Bebe Mothereau Doll – $18,500

The high cost of these dolls makes them old age and rarity. They were created by a Frenchman named Alexandre Motero in the 1800s. His doll making business began in 1880 and ended in 1895. Oddly enough, in the fifteen years of the existence of bebe dolls appeared very little.

This particular price is for a Baby Motero doll signed by Motero himself.

The bodies of the dolls had strange proportions, with wooden upper limbs and rounded joints of the lower extremities, thin trunks and small arms and legs.

most expensive doll bebe

Life-Sized Megumi Kato – $19,600

There are only ten such dolls, and they can be some of the most expensive and exclusive in any collection of anime figurines. The most interesting thing is that this figure is above five feet! Megumi Kato from the manga and anime How to Grow a Boring Girl. The figure was created by Aniplex.

You had to not only buy this figure, but also win the draw to be able to pay and get it.

Life Sized Megumi Kato

Barbie Doll Blue Ivy – 80 000 dollars

This diamond-encrusted doll was a birthday present for baby Blue Ivy, Beyoncé and Jay Z. In 2013, the baby was one year old, and the parents took care of the extravagance for their little girl. They spent a fortune to throw their daughter a rich party, including a $2,000 cake, $33,000 worth of gifts and toys for hobbyists, and more than $50,000 worth of rose jewelry. The Blue Ivy doll consisted of 160 precious stones and white gold jewelry.

most expensive barbie doll

Madame Alexandre Eloise – 5 million dollars

In total, there are only five such dolls in the world. The namesake of the toy is also the doll designer Madame Alexander, who made the doll by hand. The doll wears Christian Dior clothes, Oscar de la Renta fur and Katherine Baumann accessories, all of very luxurious brands.

If this is not enough, the doll is decorated with Swarovski crystals and diamonds of nine carats.

Each of the five existing dolls comes with different accessories. Each of them has their own dog. This doll is definitely for a glass cabinet, not a toy chest.

Madame Alexander Eloise

Anniversary Barbie

a doll created in honor of the fortieth anniversary of Barbie dolls. The House of Jewelry created an extraordinary interpretation. The doll was presented in the form of a brunette, in an oriental outfit decorated in gold and diamonds. It took 160 diamonds to make the doll. Its cost is $ 85,000.

most expensive doll AnniversaryBarbie


“Birders” is the most expensive doll in the world. It reaches a height of 1.2 m. The doll is dressed in a chic outfit of the Renaissance. In the hand of the tamer is the flute on which he plays. Birds sitting on the shoulder and arm periodically wave their wings, sing and turn their heads. The doll is able to move and make sounds thanks to the clockwork mechanism. Birds are made in a single copy. It consists of 2000 parts. It took 2 years to assemble it, which is why it is so valuable and in demand. The cost of a mechanical doll is 6 million. Dollars.

most expensive doll

«Heloise doll»

“Heloise Dolls” is a set of 5 dolls made by the most popular designers of 2000 for charity purposes. Jewelry for dolls have diamonds in 9 carats, Swarovski crystals, outfits from Dior, fur coats of La Renta masters. That is what has increased their cost to $5 million. Dollars. All of them were sold to collectors.

most expensive doll Heloise

Teddy bear with louis vuitton monogram – 9000 dollars

This bear is released in a limited edition of only 500 copies in the world. It’s also the only teddy bear Louis Vuitton has ever made. Louis Vuitton is a French luxury goods retail company founded back in the 1800s, so they’re a bit important.

As you may have noticed, this bear has the Louis Vuitton logo everywhere, making it unmistakable.

This bear was released in 2004 and comes with a ox skin collar. That’s the $9,000 price tag – that’s the average current retail price!

Louis Vuitton Monogram-Teddy-Bear

What kind of doll would you like to join your collection?


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