Top 13 Unicorn Toys

best unicorn toys

Every girl is a little princess. And who are the princesses friends with? That’s right, unicorns! Therefore, toy manufacturers are actively developing products on this topic – children just love them!

And we decided to review 13 most interesting unicorn toys. And also decided to remind that children’s games – is not an idle pastime. During the games, kids develop, learn and know the world. So we separately identified what processes develop a toy – pay special attention to this point.

The best unicorn toys

Little Live Pets – Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn

Interactive toy “My dancing unicorn “Sparkle”. This unicorn from Australian corporation Moose is really magical! He can (and loves to dance), loves to be fed cupcakes and combed mane – recognized as the most beautiful in the fairytale kingdom.

The interactive toy stimulates interaction: for the Unicorn to start dancing to its own music, you need to press the heart-shaped button, and if you pet it on the neck – the horn will light up red. Feed the Unicorn his favourite cupcake, and the horn will turn green in gratitude. There’s a brush in the set that needs to take care of a chic mane. Each time you can come up with new scenarios for games. My dancing unicorn “Sparkle” is a great toy!

Develops: fine motor skills, fantasy, creativity.

Age: 5-15 years

Features: Unicorn, brush, cupcake in the kit. For full work you will need 2 AAA batteries (not included). Packaging dimensions: 220 x 240 x 90 millimeters.

Barbie Dreamtopia Brush ‘n Sparkle Unicorn with light and music

The shimmering unicorn of Barbie traditionally amazes with its elegance of form and beauty. The unicorn dances to its own music, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow (the stars begin to shine on his body). And also need to take care of his luxurious pink mane – for this purpose, the set comes with a special brush (by the way, if your baby does not like to comb – the toy will help to solve this problem, because repeat your favorite character children love).

Babies can come up with their own fairy tales – unicorn can go on a journey with a doll Barbie and will be her fun companion and a reliable defender. And at night, the Flickering Unicorn Barbie will fall asleep by the baby’s bed and ward off bad dreams.

develops: fine motor skills, fantasy, creativity.

Age: 3-7 years

Features: complete with plastic unicorn figure, comb for mane.

Also see the doll Barbie Unicorn – collectible.

VTech Myla The Magical Unicorn

Mile’s magical unicorn from VTech. You won’t get bored with the unicorn Myla! This robotic toy can sing and speak. She has a microphone – move it to Myla and sing a duet. And if the child wants a solo part, it is enough to move the microphone – Myla will stop singing, but the music will continue to play.

And also, like any girl (and this is a unicorn-girl), she loves to preen herself very much: you just need to touch the magic brush to the palette of butterflies and choose a color, and then to the eyes, horn and wings – and they will sparkle with bright colors. And the mane needs to be braided and pinned up with Myla’s personal hairpins – they are included.

Parents note that the child is not to be torn away from the toy – the kids even at the dinner table sit together with the magical unicorn Mile.

Develops: fine motor skills, fantasy, musical abilities, desire to pretty up.

Age: 4-8 years

Features: interactive teddy toy, battery powered.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Magic Unicorn

Interactive horse Magic Unicorn. Unicorn Twinkle will be your baby’s favorite pet. Just press a button – a big pink heart on his collar – and he’ll come to life: clapping his wings, walking, playing music and turning his head. There are wheels on his hooves – so he moves quite quickly. And at the right time and give useful advice, only encrypted – Twinkle knows how to talk, but clear riddles.

What should a unicorn do? Of course, to save the princess! The set includes Princess Prism. If you put her in the front seat on the horse’s saddle, she will offer to sing a song with her. And if in the back, she’ll say separate words and ask the baby to “show her the beautiful world”. The child can teach Prism his own phrases – you have to press the button on her dress. Simple phrases develop basic vocabulary baby, encourage him to answer simple questions. Interactive horse Magic Unicorn Twinkle from VTech will deal with your baby.

Develop: vocabulary, fine motor skills, fantasy, musical abilities.

Age: from 18 months to 5 years

Features: complete with unicorn figure, Princess Prism doll figure, magic carrot. All made of safe plastic. Runs on batteries.

Tara Toys My Little Pony Necklace Activity Set

Tara Toys’ “My Little Pony” creative kit. And this is a creative kit to help your baby make a beautiful necklace with pendants in the shape of unicorns and beads. No additional tools are needed, and the set comes with a strong silicone thread. What kind of necklace will be decided by your baby, experimenting with the elements of the set and creating his own design. And also, according to teachers and psychologists, it should be for hyperactive children – the creative process calms down, develops assiduity, concentration of attention. They will gladly accept a gift set for creativity “My little pony” from Tara Toys.

Develops: fine motor skills, creativity, fantasy, concentration, neatness.

Age: 3-10 years

Characteristics: in a set of beads and 5 pendants in the form of unicorns made of plastic, 5 silicone threads of different colors.

My Little Pony Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadance 3 PackGlitter Unicorn Toys With Wings from the Movie

My Little Pony Princess Celestia Luna Cadance

3-inch shiny unicorn toys with wings – pony Princess Celestia, Princess Moon and Princess Cadence. The original game set from the brand Hasbro. In the country of Exquestria rule fairytale characters – pony Princess Celestia with bright blue hair, Princess Moon with black and purple mane and charming Princess Cadence with pink and yellow hair. With them, the little one can go on an exciting adventure in a story she’ll come up with. But it’s important not to forget about princess hair – it needs to be carefully cared for, brushed and decorated. The child will love this process. And 3-inch shiny unicorn toys with wings – pony Princess Celestia, Princess Moon and Princess Cadence – a triple gift, because the figures are three!

It develops: fine motor skills, fantasy.

Age: from 3 years

Included: 3 plastic figurines

Aurora Unicorn Fancy Pals Purse with 8″ Unicorn

An unusual bag with a unicorn friend from TM Aurora. Babies keep repeating themselves to moms. And if mom doesn’t leave the house without her purse, but her little princess will also dream of such an accessory! And if there’s a white plush unicorn in the bag, so soft and beautiful… He’ll be a faithful companion for a walk, kindergarten, shopping trip.

After all, everyone around is just walking around with bags, and your baby – with a bag with a unicorn. And of course you can just play with it – it’s first of all a plush toy, and then an unusual bag with a unicorn friend from TM “Aurora”.

Develops: movement coordination, fantasy.

Age: from 3 years

Features: purple bag, 20cm white plush unicorn. Also TM “Aurora” produces variants with pink handbag (World Fancy Pals Pet Carrier) and white unicorn and rainbow bag (World Fancy Pals Pet Unicorn Carrier Plush, Rainbow) with soft pink unicorn.

Unicorn costume for a girl – Unicorn dress

Unicorn costume for girls – rainbow tutu. Toys are good, but what about being a unicorn princess yourself? Your little girl will love that offer!

A tulle dress in delicate shades with a tiara with a magic unicorn horn is a great outfit for a birthday party, Halloween party or other celebration. Little princess will be in the spotlight!

The outfit is almost all hand stitched, and it’s as fluff as the photo. There are three sizes: M for 3-4 years, L for 5-6 years, XL for 7-8 years. Unicorn costume for girls – the iridescent tutu is available in different colours, with sequins or lace.

Develops: self-confidence, sense of style.

Age: 3-8 years

Features: 100% polyester, handmade.

FurReal StarLily, My Magical Unicorn Interactive plush unicorn

Interactive teddy toy “My Magic Unicorn” knows so much! It moves its head and hoof, waving its graceful wings and dancing, making different sounds. StarLily has her own character, and you can tell about her mood by the color that lights up her horn. If she falls asleep, she needs to be woken up – stroked on the back or offered her favourite jewellery – a sugar berry, which comes with a set. The magic unicorn also loves to hug – and since it’s plush, the baby will love it. Reacts to the child’s voice and touches. Interactive teddy toy “My Magic Unicorn” knows 100 combinations of sounds and movements.

It develops: vocabulary, fine motor skills, fantasy, musical abilities.

Age: from 4 years

Features: material – plush, color – white

5 Surprise Unicorn Squad Zuru

5 Surprise Toys surprise ball with two capsules. Surprises are loved by everyone, and kids love them especially. And ZURU has invented a toy with 5 surprises in it! The magic ball opens like an orange – there are 5 slices in it, and under each one there is a surprise. These are miniature hairpins, accessories and all sorts of jewelry, with which the baby will create his design unicorn. And the set includes as much as 2 unicorns and 2 balls – that is twice as many surprises. Packaging of the ball is very dense, and therefore it is impossible to see what it hides. And this is even more interesting!

In total you can collect 13 different unicorns, including very rare – gold. But maybe it’s your “5 Surprise Toys” surprise ball that hides this curiosity?

Develops: fine motor skills, creativity, fantasy.

Age: from 3 years

Characteristics: material – plastic, in each package 2 balls with 5 surprises.

For an overview of the first series of collectible unicorns Zuru 5 surprises see here.

SCHLEICH bayala Rainbow Unicorn Mare Imaginative

SCHLEICH bayala Rainbow Unicorn Mare Imaginative

The creative toy “Unicorn of the Rainbow”. Very realistic Unicorn toy, designed with amazing accuracy to details. Expert on children’s toys Sandra Stone believes that such thoughtful and elegantly detailed toys from the German brand SCHLEICH inspire children to creativity and fantasy, to fascinating games with the creation of their own scenarios – and this is so lacking in a rapidly changing world. The Unicorn of the Rainbow is also an incredibly beautiful creative toy.

It develops: fine motor skills, creativity, fantasy.

Age: 5-12 years

Features: package dimensions 8.5 x 15 x 18 centimeters. Please note that SCHLEICH has other unicorn figures such as the blue mane, the princess rider or the chic and very unusual unicorn with black croup. Perhaps you would like to collect the entire collection?

Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn-Rainbow

Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn Rainbow

Surprise poopsy slide Unicorn Rainbow. Surprises again! Modern children are very difficult to surprise – it seems that they know how to use the Internet from birth. So to create magic for them, you need to work hard. Poopsie Slime game set will help. It includes a unicorn figure – he eats a rainbow and cries diamonds. Offer your baby to feed the pet – for this you need to prepare a delicious treat, mixing slide powder and magic powders. But that’s not the end of it! Plant a unicorn on the pot – and he will give your child another interesting surprise, an original lizard. Turn the mass can be unlimited number of times and each time to get a new lizard – after all, you can experiment and add to the feed for a unicorn sequins, flavors and magic bags. A surprise pupsi slide “Unicorn Rainbow” will give you many unforgettable minutes!

You can see more Poopsie Unicorn toys here.

It develops: fine motor skills, creativity, fantasy.

Age: 5-10 years

Characteristics: Unicorn figurine; shiny pot; 4 bags of powder-slime; 4 bags of magic powder; aromatizer package; exclusive bottle; exclusive keychain; T-shirt and diaper for unicorn; spoon; brush for mane; cleaner; measuring glass.

Ty Beanie Boos Fantasia – Multicolor Unicorn reg

A colorful unicorn. The last unicorn in our rankings is not surprising with its super powers, but look into these eyes! He’s asking to be taken home and ready to be the baby’s best friend. Soft toy made of alcoholic and hypoallergenic materials with very beautiful design and a favorite color for girls – rich pink. With it you can play invented by the baby games, take to bed and hug at night. Multicolored Unicorn is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

Develops: fine motor skills, creativity, fantasy.

Age: from 3 years

Characteristics: material – plush. There are toys made in other colors – saturated lilac, iridescent, white and blue, as well as in wrappers.


Of course, there are many more unicorn toys, very interesting and beautiful.

You can’t tell which toy is better or worse. They’re all very different. But you know your child better than anyone, and you will immediately understand what will attract the baby – musical duets with your favorite toy or a quiet pastime with a set of creativity. The choice is yours!

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