TOP gifts for the New Year for girls – toys for girls 2019-2020

In 2019, there was another breakthrough in the world of toys. Different manufacturers wanted to surprise and please their little fans with new series of toys.

In this article, we will consider the best and most desirable toys for a girl in 2019.

The breakthrough of this year and the most coveted doll for a girl of any age is the new LOL Surprise dolls – OMG LOL Surprise. They head our top toys for the New Year 2020.

So, let’s start our Christmas Top Toys for Girls.

  1. L.O.L Surprise! OMG Fashion dolls – The best gift for the girl on Christmas.

In 2019, 2 LOL OMG series were launched for sale. We wrote about each in detail on our website.

Here about the first series of OMG LOL.


lol surprise omg dolls

Here about the second series of LOL OMG.

lol surprise OMG dolls 2

And there is a separate article about the doll Lady Crystal OMG LOL.

lol surprise OMG cristal star

Large OMG LOL dolls have taken similarities from Bratz dolls and want to overshadow their popularity with Barbie dolls.

LOL OMG dolls are very bright with many accessories. Detailed traced makeup, manicure, incredible hairstyles. And, although you know in advance which doll you come across, an element of surprise is still present. The outfit, shoes and accessories are hidden in surprise bags and boxes. Your baby will enjoy unpacking and playing with the LOL OMG doll.

And if you give New Year to your little Lady LED Crystal – this holiday she will be the happiest. Because this doll is incredible. Watch our video and you will see it.

2. Poopsie Slime Surprise.

In our opinion, the love of slime in children is still huge. Children learn to create ever more vibrant and crisp slimes. Slice recipes are publicly available, but it’s much more convenient to create a slice from a set that professionals have already taken care of.

Therefore, a very cool gift for the holiday will be a set for creating slides. Typically, such kits include a powder in which it is enough to add water, sparkles of different colors, crunchy ingredients, flavors, a measuring spoon and a beautiful container for storing the finished slime.

A lot of users have already confirmed that the slots from the Poopsie sets differ in touch and consistency from other slides. Still, they really add magic to their sets!

The best New Year gift will be the Slime Bag Set – the Poopsie Rainbow Slime Kit and Poopsie Pooey Puitton.


poopsie chasmell rainbow slime kit 2

poopsie pooey puitton slime

Look at our website for reviews of these gifts for girls.

And for fans of making a slime and playing with dolls, the company created large dolls with sets for slimes. This is a very cool gift for the girl for the new year!

3.  Poopsie Rainbow Surprise dolls

poopsie rainbow surprise make slime doll

Four dolls in the collection. See all the dolls at the link here and read more about this toy! You will definitely fall in love with them.

4. Holiday Barbie Dolls 2019.

Barbie dolls in 2019 are still not far behind in popularity from LOL Surprise. A lot of lovers of classic Barbie dolls.

Mattel released beautiful new dolls this year, such as Holiday Barbie dolls.

They are incredible, bright, beautiful collectible dolls – a great gift for a girl.

barbie holiday doll

5. Barbie is a mermaid.

All girls love the little mermaid, so Mattel pleased Barbie fans with new dolls – Barbie the Little Mermaid. There are a lot of such dolls, for every taste, there is even a guy Ken – a mermaid. Choose a mermaid for a Christmas gift at this link.

6. Dolls and accessories Baby Born.

This year there were a lot of new items from Baby Born dolls. Dolls themselves Baby dolls Baby Born are a great New Year gift for girls of any age. There are still older sisters of Baby Born, and if you look at sets of clothes, interactive pots, bathtubs and other accessories of Baby Born, you will see that this idea of a gift for the new year for a girl is super!

Browse all BABY BORN toys at this link.


baby born doll baby born Wonderland baby born sister baby born older brother 1 baby born bath 2 baby born bath baby born advent calendar 1

In addition to these toys, the company released baby surprises toys Born.

Baby Bourne bathroom – a super gift for the new year for a girl with 20 surprises! Read more here.

baby born surprise bathtub 3

8. Frozen 2 dolls – a super gift for the new year for a girl!

This year, many popular cartoons were released, based on which new toys went on sale: how to train your dragon, the Lion King, Maleficent: Lady of Darkness, Frozen 2.

disney frozen 2 dolls and sled

And, therefore, Elsa Frozen 2 dolls will be the best gift for the new year or birthday.

Disney and other companies have released a huge number of variants of Elsa dolls, sets with the characters Frozen 2.

Here, under the link you can see all the Frozen 2 toys and choose the best one for a gift for the new year!

9. Christmas tree decorations are Disney’s favorite princesses.

Several generations of girls have grown up at Disney princesses and so far, princesses are very relevant and popular.

In the photo are classic Disney princesses who will decorate your baby’s Christmas tree!

They can be bought as a set or individually.

disney princess sketchbook ornament disney princess sketchbook ornament set

You can also separately buy a Christmas tree decoration with Princess Elsa and Anna.

anna and elsa sketchbook ornament frozen 2 frozen 2 elsa singing sketchbook ornament frozen 2 olaf glass globe sketchbook ornament

10. Dollhouse and transport for dolls

New Year and Christmas – it’s time for the fulfillment of all desires.

By far, the best toy for any girl will be the house for her favorite dolls!

This year, many game sets for dolls LOL, Barbie and others were released.

For example, the most desirable toy will be an ice palace – a castle for dolls LOL Surprise – Winter Disco.

lol surprise winter disco chalet 5

See our review here.

Glamper LOL Surprise – a huge game set with many surprises, which can replace the dollhouse.

lol surprise glamper 4

Here’s a glamper review.

Barbie Doll House is the best New Year gift for a girl. The houses are an expensive pleasure, but such gifts are made once a year, and at Christmas all wishes must be fulfilled!))

barbie dreamhouse playset

You can buy a smaller house – folding. It also has everything you need for fun games. Your baby will be happy!

See a review of Barbie houses here.


barbie 3 story townhouse

Barbie also got a bus this year, and another plane! Read about them in the Barbie section!

barbie dream camper 1

Of course, we listed some of the toys for the new year for the girl, but, in our opinion, these are TOP gifts for the new year!

I still want to talk about many, we do this in other articles of our site. Choose according to your taste and according to your abilities, the child will be happy with any gift made with all the heart from the heart!
And also, I would like to offer fun and interest to prepare for the New Year and Christmas, by buying or making the Advent calendar ourselves.

Barbie Advent Calendar multicolor

lol surprise winter disco 1

It can be a calendar with surprises gifts from your favorite characters and dolls. It can be a sweet advent calendar or an advent calendar made by yourself or with your own tasks and games!

See our Advent Calendar section, be inspired and prepare for the Christmas holidays to be magical, warm and family!




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