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Unicorn Goddess Barbie Doll

barbie unicorn doll

barbie unicorn doll 6

True lovers of Barbie dolls will love the collection series Barbie – Barbie Little Mermaid and Barbie Unicorn. Unicorn Goddess Barbie is a smart collectible doll.

Fairy-tale and alluring with its rainbow overalls with an intricate shimmering whirl design. A bold ombre “mane” from waist to shoulder adds drama to her sleek fit. She has a bizarre luster, and her hair is loose under the dizzy headdress of a unicorn. A cascading floor-length tail is a fantastic touch. Her accessories include unicorn heels and wrist cuffs.

barbie unicorn doll 5 barbie unicorn doll 3 barbie unicorn doll 2 barbie unicorn doll

The doll is made in pink-blue and lilac-violet tones, there are drawings on her face, and also a magnificent mane and tail, and it all shines as if! 

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