L.O.L Surprise! Movie Magic – 12 nouvelles poupées

lol surprise movie magic ball L.O.L.

Les poupées LOL Surprise Movie Magic – 12 nouveaux personnages, de nouveaux clubs et 10 nouvelles surprises dont des accessoires de cinéma, des scènes de film et des lunettes 3D !

Collectionne les scènes de film avec les poupées LOL Surprise Movie Magic !

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Les poupées LOL OMG Movie Magic seront dédiées aux stars de cinéma !

Bientôt, nous connaîtrons les détails de la collection de poupées LOL Surprise Movie Magic en boules.

Soon we’ll know the details of the LOL Surprise Movie Magic doll collection in balls.

Each doll comes with a cue card and its own surprise Movie Scene! Plus, Movie Scenes can be combined with each other when you get more than one doll in the Movie Magic series.

Use the included eye lens to reveal each Movie Magic doll’s secret messgae, and then plug the message into the fill in the blank Movie Script! Collect 2 eye lenses to complete the pair of glasses.

Collect the 12 new LOL Surprise dolls

LOL Dolls of Movie Magic series with painted eyelashes.

The dolls are divided into two clubs: The Cast and The Crew

And also into Popular, Fancy, Rare and Ultra-Rare. All dolls change color in ice water and another water surprise.

Lol Surprise Movie Magic dolls names:

  1. Silver Screen
  2. BB-707
  3. Miss Perfect
  4. Breakout Star
  5. Stunt Double
  6. Quiet Q.T.
  7. Makeover Artist
  8. Slate Tech
  9. Directeur Gurl
  10. Key Lights
  11. Costume Designer
  12. Boom B.B.
L.O.L Surprise! Movie Magic - 12 nouvelles poupées

Unpack the 10 surprises LOL Surprise Movie Magic

  • cue card
  • A sticker with a secret message
  • 3D Glasses
  • eye lens
  • surprise movie scene
  • bottle
  • outfits
  • shoes
  • doll
  • doll accessories

Feed or bathe your LOL movie doll for a water surprise, including color change.

Collect all 12 brand new LOL Surprise Movie Magic dolls and create the greatest film the universe has ever seen! Plug all the secret messages into the fill in the blank Movie Script to complete the screenplay. Or, write your own creative words in the blanks!


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