Dream Ella Majestic Castle – Portable PlaySet

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MGA’s dream Ella series of new dolls inspires kids to be anything and wants. MGA’s Dream Ella dolls are very similar to Barbie, such as the Dream Ella Color Change series. Also already on sale dolls profession Dream Ella.

Finally, Dream Ella Majestic Castle has appeared, which will fit your collection of dolls and children will be able to create their own stories and role-playing stories. MGA’s Dream Ella Majestic Castle is the perfect home for your favorite fashion dolls!

You can get the Dream Ella Majestic Castle here:

Dream Ella Majestic Castle - Portable PlaySet
Dream Ella Majestic Castle playset

Who is Dream Ella Majestic Castle for?

The castle is ready for MGA’s Dream Ella Color Change Surprise and MGA’s Dream Ella I AM Fashion Dolls to start telling stories right away! It is also suitable for most fashionable dolls measuring 11.5 inches.

Dolls are not included.

Portable home for dolls

Dream Ella Majestic playset portable

Dream Ella Majestic Castle is really convenient to take with you everywhere and convenient to store. Easy to unfold and fold. Put Dream Ella dolls inside and play with them anytime, anywhere!

Dimensions of Dream Ella Magic Castle

The castle is really large, two-story, made of safe plastic.

Product dimensions folded box9.06 x 29.92 x 18.98 inches
Item weight12.72 lbs

Large space to play with Dream Ella dolls

The magic castle has two floors with the possibility of playing 360 degrees. This is very handy if two children play with two MGA’s Color Change Surprise Fairies and MGA’s I AM Fashion dolls.

Before beginning, open the Dream Ella Castle by pressing the button in between the handle.


  1. Castle
  2. Stairway
  3. Dome
  4. Spire
  5. Gurtain set
  6. Decal Sheets
  7. lock
  8. mirror
  9. bed
  10. table
  11. opening doors and accessories.
Dream Ella Majestic Castle - Portable PlaySet
Dream Ella Majestic Castle
Dream Ella Majestic Castle box
Release dateNovember 15, 2021
Manufacturer Recommended age36 months – 7 years
ProducerMGA Entertainment

Dream Ella Castle is the perfect gift for girls and boys aged 3 years and older. Develops children’s creative play, socialization skills and imagination.

Dream Ella Majestic Castle playset portable
Dream Ella Majestic Castle - Portable PlaySet

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