L.O.L Surprise! Winter Disco, L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L Surprise! Fluffy Pets – new LOL Surprise pets

lol surprise fluffy pets winte disco

LOL Surprise Winter Disco Fluffy Pets is one of the most anticipated toys for children around the world from MGA.


lol surprise winter glitter globe 1

lol surprise winter fluffy pets

lol surprise fluffy pets winter disco 6

lol surprise winter disco fluffy pets collector list

In the Lol Surprise Winter Disco series Fluffy Pets, you can get 18 new pets in 7 clubs.

  • Swim Club: Rawr Tide, Vacay Neigh Neigh, Furry Treasure, Precious Meow
  • Glee Club: Daring Doggie, Purrs, 80s Bunny, Oh Bandit, Bandit
  • Chill out club: Snow Dogg, Bunny in the woods
  • 24K Gold: #Pupstagramm
  • Glitterati: Doggie Stardust, Hootie Cutie
  • Athletic Club: Kitty 500, Ra-ra Skunk
  • Spooky Club: Witchay Kittay, Vampupper, Bonita Burrito

Which pet do you want?

LOl surprise Fluffy Pets

Their packaging is so amazing that it actually looks like a little snowball or something like a sparkling pink and icy blue piece of ice. It looks really special, that’s why all the snow balls of the Winter Disco series have the same packaging.

lol surprise fluffy pets winter disco 1

Lol surprise fluffy pets has 9 surprises inside:

  • secret message
  • Bottle
  • Brush
  • Hair clips
  • 3 accessories
  • Stick-on-fluff
  • LoL SurpriseFluffy Pet

LOl surprise Fluffy Pets 2

Let’s look at the collection sheet with these pets. They are furry, they are cute, these pets are definitely ready for winter.

LOl surprise Fluffy Pets 4

This LOL Surprise fluffy pet looks like it has no painted face, it actually has a face with a face printed on fabric, which is actually fabric.

You can mix & match the fluff.

lol surprise fluffy pets winter disco 2 lol surprise fluffy pets winter disco 3 lol surprise fluffy pets winter disco 4 lol surprise fluffy pets winter disco 5

LOl surprise Fluffy Pets 6
LOl surprise Fluffy Pets 7
LOl surprise Fluffy Pets 8
LOl surprise Fluffy Pets 9
This is crazy SuperDuper, soft and fluffy. It looks like this pet is dressed like a little fluffy snow suit. Moreover, it is almost like a sticker layer.
Thus, we can clean this coat of wool and see which pet we got. Do not forget to save pieces of wool, it can be glued to warm the pet.
LOl surprise Fluffy Pets 10
LOl surprise Fluffy Pet -11
LOl surprise Fluffy Pets 12
Now you can connect your snow globe with others and create snowmen.
LOl surprise Fluffy Pets 13 LOl surprise Fluffy Pets 14
And here is a video of unpacking the new winter LOL Surprise Winter Disco series.

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