L.O.L. Surprise!, L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. dolls

L.O.L Surprise! OMG – series 2 wave 2

lol omg dolls series 2

Its a great news for fans of fashion dolls LOL Surprise OMG – soon the second wave of the second series of these dolls will be on sale.

The second series of LOL OMG dolls appeared in December 2019. Read more about LOL Surprise OMG 2 here.

And now, one of the girls of the second wave of the 2 LOL series of OMG Surprise has already appeared on sale. But in the second wave there will be previously known LOL Surprise OMG dolls – Uptown Girl, Downtown BB (from LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise) and Shadow (from LOL Surprise Winter Disco Bigger Surprise).

Previously, these LOL OMG dolls could only be obtained from the huge LOL Surprise play sets. But few people can buy LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise and LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise because of their high cost. Now you can buy them separately and it’s great!

lol surprise omg uptown girl series 2

Like all LOL Surprise OMG dolls, these dolls are packed in a box with 20 surprises. On the box is a doll that you come across. Inside you will find:

  • doll LOL Surprise OMG
  • accessory (glasses)
  • outfit
  • footwear
  • handbag
  • jewelry (earrings, bracelet, pendant on the neck, belt)
  • her passport

L.O.L Surprise OMG Updown Girl

This Beauty LOL OMG doll from LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise.

lol surprise omg uptown girl

In Lol Surprise OMG series 2, this doll is in exactly the same outfit and with the same accessories.

lol surprise omg uptown
lol surprise omg series 2 uptown girl 17

A fashionable blue suit with a skirt and jackets, a black butterfly on a white blouse and a belt with a purse make Uptown Girl very fashionable. Under the outfit is a doll in a black bathing suit and fishnet tights.

lol surprise omg series 2 uptown girl
lol surprise omg series 2 uptown girl 8
lol surprise omg series 2 uptown girl 14
lol surprise omg series 2 uptown girl 15

Accessories – glasses with pearls, bracelets, rings, a pet bag and a beautiful blue manicure. There are earrings in the ears, and the hairstyle is decorated with bells with the inscription Queen Yasss.

lol surprise omg 2 uptown
lol surprise omg series 2 uptown girl 6
lol surprise omg series 2 uptown girl 3
lol surprise omg series 2 uptown girl 18
lol surprise omg series 2 uptown girl 16
lol surprise omg series 2 uptown girl 12
lol surprise omg series 2 uptown girl 9

lol surprise omg uptown 1
LOL OMG Uptown’s Outfit
lol-surprise omg uptown girl


lol surprise omg shadow

This LOL Surprise OMG doll from Bigger Surprise Winter Disco.

Shadow is a very beautiful stylish doll, for those who can not afford to buy a huge Bigger Surprise, it will now be sold separately in the second series of LOL Surprise OMG Fashio dolls.

lol surprise shadow

This LOL Surprise OMG doll is really very fashionable. Look only at her hairstyle – asymmetry in a haircut, blue-pink hair and strands of braids. Asymmetric outfit – a short dress with long flared sleeves, a peplum belt with lace, pleating and chains. Fabrics cage, strip, lace, shine.

lol surprise omg shadow

Accessories – black cap with a veil, earrings and bag. High platform boots and a chain on one of them.

lol omg shadow
lol omg shadow outfit

So, rejoice, who dreamed of getting this doll LOL Surprise OMG into his collection – will be available soon.

Downtown B.B.

lol surprise omg downtown bb

Bright sports beauty from LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise will now be available for sale separately.

LOL Surprise OMG Downtown is simply an incredible hairstyle, large gold earrings, a stylish sports outfit with fashion accessories.

lol surprise omg downtown

Under her eye, a tattoo is a heart, and her lip color is unique. Boots of different colors and whether the handbag will not yet be known.

In LOL Surprise OMG dolls, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The outfit, accessories and even manicure of these dolls are very detailed.

lol omg downtown

LOL Surprise OMG are rightfully considered the most popular dolls in the world at the moment.

lol surprise omg downtown

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