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L.O.L. Surprise! ReMix OMG – Review

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While you are adding to LOL OMG dolls collection with the third series, I will tell you about new LOL OMG ReMix dolls, which release date is autumn 2020.

What is LOL OMG ReMix?

LOL Surprise OMG ReMix dolls are tall LOL Surprise dolls, 27 cm high. OMG stands for “outrageous millenial girls”.

LOL OMG Remix dolls are older sisters (not moms) of LOL tots from the first four LOL Surprise series. They have fashionable outfits and accessories, bright stylish hairstyles, and also LOL Surprise OMG ReMix dolls are very interesting to collect. Having collected 4 dolls you will collect a musical surprise.

lol surprise remix omg plane

25 Surprises LOL OMG Remix

When you buy LOL Surprise ReMix OMG Dolls, you know exactly what’s waiting for you inside the box. It’s a Fancy Doll and lots of surprises to unpack.

LOL ReMix OMG is a great gift for a girl from 3 to 10 years. Even adults are very interested in unpacking LOL OMG surprises.
What do you find inside a LOL Surprise ReMix OMG box?

  • surprise packages with outfits for LOL OMG dolls
  • shoe box
  • accessory box
  • doll stand
  • LOL OMG ReMix doll
  • hairbrush
  • two fancy dolls
  • shoes
  • many fashion accessories for the doll
  • musical surprise
  • purse

LOL Surprise ReMix OMG Package

As in the entire LOL Surprise ReMix series, LOL OMG dolls will be packaged in the following colors: pink, black, yellow.

LOL OMG Remix dolls come in cardboard boxes, which show the doll inside and the entire collection of the dolls series.

The difference of the LOL Surprise Remix box is that it is musical! Very interesting, what does that mean?

Names of dolls LOL Surprise ReMix OMG

The ReMix series has 4 LOL OMG dolls. We’ll finish the names as soon as the information comes in. But we know for a fact that these are the older sisters of dolls: Line Dancer, Honey Bun, 80s B.B. and Kitty Queen.

LOL OMG Remix dolls will make a great POP music band. These dolls look like real stars.

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The price of dolls will be about $35.

Gather all the LOL OMG Remix dolls and have an incredible music concert!

I will update this overview of LOL OMG Remix dolls as soon as there is new information and photos.

But it is already known that in the autumn we will see a lot of novelties of the LOL Surprise ReMix series, such as: a gaming kit, a gorgeous LOL Surprise plane, Remix pets.

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