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lol surprise omg remix dolls L.O.L. Surprise!

While you are adding to LOL OMG dolls collection with the third series, I will tell you about new LOL OMG ReMix dolls, which release date is autumn 2020.

LOL Surprise Remix – new series of LOL Surprise dolls

LOL Surprise Remix is a collection of bright dolls ready to go on stage. The special feature of the series is the musical unpacking of dolls. You have not seen such a thing yet!

These fierce B.B.s are ready to take the stage! Find everything you need to complete your L.O.L. Surprise Remix collection. Shop Hairflip dolls, Pets, O.M.G. fashion dolls and more!

What is LOL OMG ReMix dolls?

LOL Surprise OMG ReMix dolls are tall LOL Surprise dolls, 24 cm high. OMG stands for “outrageous millenial girls”.

LOL OMG Remix dolls are older sisters (not moms) of LOL tots from the first four LOL Surprise series. They have fashionable outfits and accessories, bright stylish hairstyles, and also LOL Surprise OMG ReMix dolls are very interesting to collect because you are collecting a music band.

The feature of LOL Surprise OMG Remix dolls is a musical surprise when unpacking.

Watch this video: Tahani Anderson organized a virtual party with music and dances, choreographed by Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez – Marvin Brown.

With each LOL OMG doll you will learn the words from the song and hear the musical verse.

Having collected 4 dolls from the Remix series, you will collect a music band and a whole single Crew. You can play the song completely or make your own Remix.

The song of LOL Surprise Remix is called Crew REMIX:

I’m with my crew, we ride
We remix this vibe
We rule the world, that’s right
We’re LOL Surprise

On the photo words of the song LOL Surprise Crew Remix. You will be able to compose the whole song when you collect a collection of dolls LOL OMG Remix.

lo surprise remix crew words
lol surprise remix crew

Features of LOL Surprise OMG Remix

  • Music Player Box
  • Music Plate
  • Musical surprise (verse from a song)
  • Two outfits instead of one. The box shows a doll whose outfit is perfect to complement the image.

For example, the second outfit of the doll LOL Surprise Remix Kitty K. is supplemented by the outfit of the doll POP B.B. – Its lace top is perfectly combined with Kitty K jeans. And the pink hoodie is perfect for Kitty K.

LOL ReMix OMG is a great gift for a girl from 3 to 10 years. Even adults are very interested in unpacking LOL OMG surprises.

lol surprise omg remix mix mutch
lol omg remix kitty k outfit

25 Surprises LOL OMG Remix

LOL Surprise OMG Remix are already available to order. Check the price on Amazon, because it changes every day.

When you buy LOL Surprise ReMix OMG Dolls, you know exactly what’s waiting for you inside the box. It’s a Fancy Doll and lots of surprises to unpack.

What do you find inside a LOL Surprise ReMix OMG box?

  • surprise packages with outfits for LOL OMG dolls
  • shoe box
  • accessory box
  • doll stand
  • LOL OMG ReMix doll
  • hairbrush
  • two fancy dolls
  • shoes
  • many fashion accessories for the doll
  • musical surprise
  • musical instrument
  • music disc
  • lyrics magazine
  • turntable box

LOL Surprise OMG ReMix Package

lol surprise omg remix box

In LOL Surprise ReMix series, LOL OMG dolls will be packaged in the following colors: pink, black, yellow.

Careful with the box so as not to damage the record.

lol surprise remix omg box

Dolls LOL OMG Remix come in cardboard boxes, which shows the doll, and on the back side of all dolls collection.

This box you definitely do not want to throw away after unpacking ! After all, it is a music player. Put down the record and spin it, the song will start playing. Batteries are included.

Unpacking LOL Surprise OMG ReMix

Open the box lid and you will see a music record, an image of a LOL OMG doll with its motto.

Boxes with shoes and accessories are hidden under the image of the music plate. The doll is in the right compartment of the box, pull it to the right and you will see your LOL OMG Remix.

The doll comes in a swimsuit and with a bright hair.

Insert the record into the player and you will hear a verse from the song “Crew” performed by your doll.

lol omg remix pop bb box

LOL Surprise OMG ReMix dolls Names

The ReMix series has 4 LOL OMG dolls.

LOL OMG REMIX Honeylicious

This is the older sister of the LOL Surprise Doll’s second series, Honey Bun.

LOL OMG REMIX Honeylicious DJ, she has a DJ desk.

Her friend is Lonestar, with whom you can change outfits.

The motto of LOL OMG REMIX Honeylicious:

My Mix is so Fly. I gotta put it in airplane mode.

The first dress is in camouflage color, and the second is denim (denim skirt and top).

lol surprise remix omg unpacking 6
lol surprise remix omg unpacking 4
lol surprise remix omg unpacking 12

You will take Honeylicious out of the box in pink underwear and top.

lol omg remix honeylicious
lol surprise omg remix honeylicious 4
lol surprise omg remix honeylicious 2

This is the third outfit Honeylicious has from her friend Lonestar.

lol surprise omg remix honeylicious 3

You can buy LOL OMG Remix Honeylicious by clicking on the button.


The older sister is LOL dolls from the fourth series – LOL 80s B.B.

This doll is reminiscent of the Madonna, her outfit is lace – top, skirt, gloves, pantyhose and white ribbon in her hair. Her second outfit – pink hoodie – will perfectly suit her friend – LOL OMG Kitty K., and in return takes away her jeans.

Her musical instrument is a tambourine.

Comes LOL OMG POP B.B. in swimsuits and leggings.

lol omg remix madonna
lol omg remix pop bb

You can buy LOL OMG Remix POP B.B. by clicking on the button.

LOL OMG Remix Lonestar

Older sister of the doll LOL Surprise from the first Line Dancer series.

This girl is a cowboy guitarist in the LOL OMG Remix series of dolls.

And her second outfit she shares with her friend – Honeylicious.

lol surprise omg remix lonestar 4
lol surprise omg remix lonestar
lol surprise omg remix lonestar 2
lol surprise omg remix lonestar 3

LOL OMG Lonestar comes in a very beautiful swimsuit.

lol surprise omg remix lonestar
lol omg remix lonestar
lol omg remix lonestar
lol omg remix lonestar (2)

You can buy LOL OMG Remix Lonestar by clicking on the button. Check the price on Amazon.

LOL OMG Remix Kitty K

This cute girl is dressed as a POP diva with white long hair and a hoop with cat ears.

Looking at the photo of LOL OMG Remix Kitty K. you may think that she has high boots, but she is not. Her shoes are cute silver shoes and on top are denim golf shoes.

The Kitty K outfit is like a real pop star, don’t you agree? Pink plume, silver top, pink shorts and belt skirt. She has a microphone, so she is a vocalist. Accessories – ring, earrings, rhinestone glasses and a hoop with cat’s ears.

lol surprise omg remix kitty k

Kitty K. comes in a silver top with a chockerel and pink shorts. The pink hoodie of her friend, POP B.B., is a perfect match for this.

lol surprise omg remix mix mutch

You can buy LOL OMG Remix Kitty K. by clicking on the button. Check the price on Amazon.

The older sister of the LOL Kitty Queen doll in second series.

lol omg kitty k
lol surprise remix omg kitty

LOL OMG Remix dolls will make a great POP music band. These dolls look like real stars.

lol surprise remix omg plane 8

Check The price on Amazon.

Gather all the LOL OMG Remix dolls and have an incredible music concert!

I will update this overview of LOL OMG Remix dolls as soon as there is new information and photos.

LOL Surprise OMG Remix release date is 15.09.2020.

But it is already known that in the autumn we will see a lot of novelties of the LOL Surprise ReMix series, such as: the LOL Surprise ClubHouse, a gorgeous LOL Surprise plane, LOL Surprise Remix pets, LOL Surprise OMG Remix Super Surprise.

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