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LOL Surprise Remix – the most grandiose series of LOL Surprise dolls! LOL Surprise Remix series includes all kinds of dolls LOL and even an aircraft!

  1. LOL Surprise Remix Pet
  2. LOL Surprise Remix Hair Flip (tots)
  3. LOL Surprise OMG Remix
  4. LOL Surprise OMG Remix Super Surprise
  5. LOL Surprise Remix Fan Club
  6. LOL OMG Remix Jukebox BB
  7. самолет LOL Surprise Remix 4-in-1 Plane

What does LOL Surprise Remix mean?

Our acquaintance with LOL Surprise Remix series started with Crew Remix single. we danced all day with the participants of this video.

Later an animated clip with LOL Surprise OMG Remix dolls was released. Check it out.

It became clear that the LOL Surprise Remix series is a musical one.

It means that the dolls come with musical instruments, look like members of pop or rock bands, and unpacking the box you get the music of your game.

Together with the LOL Surprise OMG Remix and LOL Surprise Remix Hair Flip dolls you will get a music record. Put it on the packaging as a music player, start spinning and hear the music.

And now briefly about each doll LOL Surprise Remix

LOL Surprise OMG Remix

lol omg remix kitty k

In this set is waiting for you:

  • fashion doll LOL OMG Remix
  • two colorful outfits
  • many fashion accessories
  • delightful shoes
  • and a musical gift.
    Put  the music record in the player package and start spinning it. Listen to a fragment of the song or create your own hit!

Collect 4 dolls in LOL OMG Remix collection and create a real concert!

Check the price of dolls on Amazon and have time to order!

LOL Surprise Remix Fan Club

lol surprise remix fan club 4 pack

Reissue of favorite dolls LOL Surprise is the younger sisters of dolls LOL OMG Remix.

Who did not have time to collect them from different series of LOL Surprise – buy each separately or all four LOL Surprise Remix Fan Club dolls at once!

Check the price on AMAZON

LOL Surprise Remix Hair Flip

lol surprise remix hair flip

These dolls also come with a music record. Feature in their hairstyle. Spread one hairstyle and you will get a new one.

Each Hair Flip doll has a musical instrument, bright outfit and hairstyle made of real hair.

Each doll changes its color. Unpacking is very interesting, and the game with the doll will be fun! By collecting the entire collection of dolls Lol Surprise Hair Flip you will get more songs.

Check the price of the Amazon. It can change

LOL Surprise OMG Remix Super Surprise

lol surprise omg remix super surprise

This is a huge set, in which you will get:

four LOL OMG Remix dolls
four dolls of their younger sisters.
many accessories and outfits
musical instruments that make real sounds!
LOL Surprise OMG Remix Super Surprise is a great gift for a puppet fan on any holiday!

The sea of pleasure and fun provided to your children!

Available for pre-order on Amazon

LOL Surprise Remix Pets

lol surprise remix pets

If your baby loves pets, then new pets LOL Surprise Remix Pet will be a great gift!

New pets are also in the style of musicians, but only they go to the concert, so their outfit is special! The outfit is disguised, the front looks like a dress.

Real hair in bright hair makes LOL Surprise Remix pets very fashionable. All pets change color!

Check out the Amazon price.

LOL Surprise Remix Boombox

lol surprise remix hair flip boombox

You will get a real Boombox if you buy two LOL Surprise Remix Hair Flip dolls and one LOL Surprise Remix Pet.

LOL Surprise Remix Collector Edition Jukebox B.B

LOL Surprise OMG Remix Jukebox box

Collection LOL OMG 2020 in the image of Elvis Presley.

Collection chic doll in musical packaging in the form of a stage. Press the button and you will hear the sound of Rock and Roll.

LOL Surprise Remix Collector Edition Jukebox B.B is available on Amazon order.

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix 4-in-1 Plane Playset Transforms

lol surprise airplane

LOL Surprise! OMG Remix 4-in-1 Plane Playset – four toys in one with 50 surprises:

  • car
  • airplane
  • recording studio
  • mixing booth with 50 surprises

Your LOL OMG Remix dolls are perfect for playing with this LOL Surprise plane.

We can conclude that the LOL Surprise Remix series is delightful! Includes different dolls, lots of surprises, fun unpacking and not less fun game!

Collect a collection of LOL Surprise Remix dolls, mix, combine styles. Listen to music or create your own!

Definitely a great Christmas or birthday present. Your child will be happy!

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