L.O.L Surprise! New, L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L Surprise! OMG Fashion dolls series 2

lol surprise omg series 3

The most popular dolls in the world now are LOL Surprise OMG! They crowd out traditional, classic, and legendary dolls like Barbie.

In 2019, the first and second series of OMG Lol Surprise were already on sale.

You can read more about the first and second series of LOL Surprise OMG here. And here about the second series of OMG LOL.

LOL Surprise OMG dolls are the older sisters of the previously known LOL dolls of the first series.

In the two series of LOL OMG dolls, we will see the older sisters of such dolls:

  1. Can do Baby – from the LOL Surprise Confetti Pop series
lol surprise can do baby confetti pop

This is how the older sister of LOL OMG series 2 looks like – LOL OMG Busy B.B.

LOL Surprise omg series 2
lol surprise omg series 3 8

She is wearing a pink vintage split swimsuit. A red polka dot bandage adorns the hairstyle. The color of the lips and nails is red.

lol surprise omg series 3 11

Gold earrings and jewelry on the neck of OMG Dolls series 2. And the outfit is a denim overalls with a denim jacket.

LOL Surprise omg Busy bb doll

Long dark hair LOL OMG Busy B.B. very beautiful and braided in two braids. And bright yellow boots and a blue handbag over the shoulder complete the image. Doll LOL Surprise OMG series 3 in the style of the 90s. Very sweet and pretty.

LOL Surprise omg Busy bb

Here is her horoscope.

lol surprise omg series 3 16
She is a maiden according to the horoscope

And also, the LOL Surprise Furniture play set with the LOL Can do Baby doll is already on sale.

2. Lol Surprise Bon Bon doll. Lady Bon Bon from the second series of Lol Surprise.

lol surprise bon bon doll

And her older sister LOL Omg series 2 is called Candylicious.

lol surprise omg candylicious

Her outfit and image of delicate marshmallow flowers – pink, blue, beige. And this girl LOL Surprise, it seems from the 80s?

lol surprise omg candylicious fashion doll

Shiny, iridescent leggings, skirt and top. There is a collar around the neck, and earrings … what cute earrings are cute little pet animals. The LOL OMG Candylicious backpack bag is also in the shape of a teddy bear.

lol surprise omg candylicious doll

The hairstyle is very cute and unusual. White belt, socks, sandals – everything is very cute and beautiful!

lol surprise omg series 3 7

And here is the passport with her horoscope.

lol surprise omg series 3 17
She is a fish by horoscope

The LOL Surprise Furniture set with the LOL Surprise bon bon doll is also on sale. This set has an ice cream parlor. Read more here.

3. Younger sister Lol Surprise Grounge Grrrl from the third series of Lol surprise.

lol surprise furniture series 2 6

Her older sister is LOL OMG Alt Grrrl.

lol surprise omg alt grrrl

This OMG Surprise doll is very stylish and fashionable.

lol surprise omg series 3 6

Bright yellow hair with black strands and a fashionable hairstyle make the LOL OMG doll very stylish.

lol surprise omg alt grrrl doll

A trendy mesh top and trendy print bikes adorn this LOL doll. A black leather short sundress is put on top, black boots on leggings – such an image will make any girl fashionable. She’s gorgeous! Asymmetric earrings, a choker, a suitcase bag very complement the fashionable image of the OMG LOL dolls of the third series!

lol surprise omg alt grrrl doll 1
lol surprise omg series 3 9

Here is the passport with the horoscope LOL OMG Alt Grrrl.

lol surprise omg series 3 15
She is a horoscope sagittarius

And here is the LOL Surprise Furniture set, which you can already buy on Amazon for a fun game and replenishment of the LOL Surprise collection with the Grounge Grrrl doll from the third series. Read more about him here.

4. And the last doll Independent Queen’s younger sister is also from the LOL series Surprise Confetti Pop.

lol doll independent queen

Her older sister LOL OMG series 2 – LOL OMG Miss Independent

lol surprise omg miss independent

Very bright beauty with blue long hair, in denim short shorts, white over the knee boots, a bright shiny top with a train. Of the accessories on this LOL OMG Miss Independent Gold earrings and necklace, a blue party bag.

lol surprise omg miss independent 1
lol surprise omg miss independent 2
lol surprise omg miss independent 3
lol surprise omg series 3 19
lol surprise omg series 3 18

  1. Tracie Kemp says:

    Could you please tell me if there is an angel omg doll due to be released please as there are pictures on Instagram and we all love it so I wondered if you could confirm if it’s real and due to be released in the future please? Thank you so much.

    1. dolls-admin says:

      Hello! I think this information is owned by the manufacturer – MGA Entertainment.

  2. Jeana Crouch says:

    My granddaughter just got an lol omg surprise doll busy bb and her right hand came off and we cant find it. She is heart broken and is it possible to have a hand shipped to us. My address is 20 pine atreet pittsfield, ma 01201

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