LOL Surprise OMG Swag Family – Review

lol surprise swag family L.O.L. Surprise!

LOL dolls have become the favorite entertainment of millions of girls around the world. Beautiful sisters, attract the attention of babies with a large number of surprises inside the package. Unpacking dolls is already an adventure, because under each layer of packaging paper something is hidden.

But the new LOL Surprise OMG Swag Family series offers its admirers a completely new format. This is a complete family with traditional, cherished surprises plus a large LOL OMG Swag doll.

There are 45 surprises waiting for you inside the package.

Features of LOL Surprise OMG Swag Family

For those who are interested in LOL characters, you should tell about such features of new LOL Surprise OMG Swag Family gaming set:

  • Huge, bright package
  • Inside the box are four balls of toys.
  • LOL OMG Swag doll
  • In LOL Surprise Balls – LOL tots MC Swag doll, little sister, brother and hamster lol surprise pets.
  • Every ball is filled with surprises.

The package is decorated with pretty hearts, easy to open.

It’s a great huge surprise with your favorite LOL Surprise family. You don’t have to look for the dolls separately from the different series, relying on luck to find them. In the LOL Surprise OMG Swag Family kit you will find the whole family for sure.

lol surprise swag family dolls

Dolls and Surprises in LOL Surprise OMG Swag family playset

There are four balls waiting for you inside the same box. And LOL OMG Swag is hidden in the bottom layer of the packaging.

Each ball will give you an interesting unpacking process, layer by layer you will find new surprises and dolls LOL.

lol surprise omg swag family

Big sister M.C. Swag and 7 surprises.

Removing each packaging layer with handy zippers, you will find it:

  1. Secret message sticker
  2. Bottle
  3. shoes
  4. outfit
  5. Red fashion cap
  6. Chain to the ball
  7. MC Swag doll

Very easily all clothes sit on the doll, turning it into a real fashionista.

Little sister LIL M.C. Swag and five surprises inside.

There are such surprises waiting for us inside the ball:

  1. The “best friends” sticker.
  2. red cap
  3. bottle
  4. Chain to the ball
  5. lil MC Swag doll.

The baby has no clothes. So the girl is left with only a small set of accessories.

Swaggy boy and 7 surprises

The brother’s ball will be unpacked no longer with a normal zipper runner, but with a basketball. There are seven surprises inside:

  1. secret message
  2. bottle
  3. shoes
  4. outfit
  5. sunglasses
  6. Chain for the ball
  7. LOL doll boy

The boy is blond, there’s a black stripe in his hair. One eyebrow shaved with a stripe. He looks incredibly stylish in his outfit.

M.C. Hummy hamster with five surprises.

A funny pet will also delight you with interesting details. They’re among them:

  1. Chain to the ball
  2. Stylish sunglasses
  3. Chain around the neck
  4. Golden scapula
  5. Hamster, cute and funny.
swag family lol surprise

LOL OMG Swag doll

swag family

Once the small balls have been printed, you can remove the stand for them from the packaging and move on to viewing the large Swag doll.

The doll comes in a white swimsuit and golf, along with a surprise of bags and boxes for shoes and accessories.

Like in the first LOL Surprise OMG series, you get it in this set:

  1. Bag – white backpack bag perfectly complements the image of a fashionista.
  2. Shoes – yellow high heels half boots
  3. Accessories – gold rings earrings and chains around the neck
  4. Combing – although with rare teeth, but the doll’s hair is braided in small pigtails and unlikely to require care with a comb. But such an item can be considered an integral part of any girl’s wardrobe.
  5. Outfit – pants decorated with rhinestones with cuts on the sides, top blouse with a gold lock

LOL Surprise OMG Package

Swag Family dolls are packed in a large, spacious box. Red plastic box, gold back side. Bright prints and quite attractive design create a pleasant impression from the first minutes. Easy to open. Just pull the zipper to take off the paper wrapper.

lol surprise swag family box

The balloons were distributed over the compartments inside the handkerchief stand. The front of each one shows a doll that you will find inside. Each item, regardless of the doll, is packed in an individual bag. Paper is easy to rip to get a cherished surprise. Your child can easily handle unpacking by himself. The balls have comfortable dotted tears, thanks to which removal of the film does not cause any problems.

lol surprise swag family

LOL Surprise OMG Swag Family dolls names

In order to get better acquainted with everyone who hid inside the container, we suggest that you get to know everyone’s name now. So, inside, they’re waiting for you:

  • M.C. Swag – bigger sister
  • Lil M.C. Swag – lil sister
  • Swaggy – boy
  • M.C. Hummy – hamster
  • Swag – OMG doll – arms and legs with joints, they can be bent in the elbows and hands. You can also bend your knees to a snap. The set contains small parts, so it is not recommended as a gift for children under 3 years old.

Where can I buy LOL Surprise OMG Swag Family dolls?

LOL Surprise OMG Swag Family is new, but you can buy it in such stores as,, with delivery in your town.

Popular dolls that have captured the attention of children around the world are now sold by entire families. The game becomes a real fun when you can extract so many interesting things from one package.

There’s another family with a LOL OMG doll – New Year’s huge surprise – L.O.L Surprise! Winter disco Bigger Surprise

Price LOL Surprise OMG Swag Family

Approximate cost of LOL Surprise OMG Swag Family 60$. You will be delighted at how many interesting things are prepared by the contents of this red suitcase. Favorite characters have gathered together to delight you and your baby.

And the unpacking of LOL Surprise OMG Swag Family dolls will take your child a long time.

You can also order a LOL OMG Swag doll separately from the first LOL OMG dolls series.


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  1. Coral Smith

    Will the swag family surprise be released in the UK?

  2. KelliP

    So I bought my daughter the $60 L.O.L. Surprise (swag family), the little boys private is a little to detailed for a little girl toy (a penis and balls). I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty pissed off about it. LOL Surprise this is not OK at all. This isn’t something that should be on a kids toy. For my 7yr old daughter to come up and ask me about it and then having to explain it to her is ok at all. There was no warning on the package or anything.