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LOL Surprise Present Surprise – review

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LOL Surprise is a best-selling toy, or, as MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian says:

“The biggest achievement of our company”.

It is associated with a miracle – you never know exactly what will be in the middle. The only certainty is that it will be a very beautiful, fashionable and cool doll.
And LOL Surprise Present Surprise is a new series. Its theme is birthdays. Every little girl will want to get such a gift for her birthday!

lol surprise present surprise unpacking
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What does LOL Surprise Present Surprise mean?

LOL, or Little Outrageous Little, means “slightly outrageous (or shocking) babies”.

Sometimes these dolls look really slightly outrageous – with bright pink hair, ultra-short skirts and huge yellow glasses. But you don’t know which toy you’re going to get, it’s a surprise.

Present Surprise series is not inferior to the previous lines in terms of safety. It has dolls with bright green hair, mulattoes, disco fans. But about everything in order, let’s stretch the intrigue.

lol present surprise

LOL Present Surprise is a birthday present, because there are 12 dolls in the collection, for every month of the year. The birthday girl will definitely want to find a doll that was born in the same month!

lol surprise present surprise box

LOL Surprise Present Surprise Package

Packing of LOL Surprise Present Surprise toys is a dense plastic box, with a bow, as a classic birthday gift should look. The density is justified not only by the fact that the toy is guaranteed not to be damaged during transportation. The main reason – it is impossible to know what is inside until you open the surprise.

The box is biodegradable. It can then be used as a wardrobe for outfits and accessories for the doll.

On the LOL Present Surprise box is a doll named Festive B.B. – August girl.

Unpacking LOL Surprise Present Surprise

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The process of unpacking on the idea of the manufacturer – already a fascinating game. In this series as much as 8 surprise bags, for each of which hides a small gift.

Start, as in any gift, you need to lift the lid of the box with a bow, untie the bow will not work, and it is not necessary.

And then, layer by layer, open the presents of the bags and find in each of the surprises until you get to the doll itself. This is insanely exciting!

lol surprise present surprise unpacking 12

When you close the box after unpacking, it will look like a new gift.

Inside the package you will find 8 surprises:

lol surprise present surprise unpacking 2
  1. secret message sticker
  2. accessory 1
  3. bottle
  4. holiday cap
  5. accessory 2
  6. outfit
  7. footwear
  8. LOL Surprise doll Gift
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LOL Surprise Present Surprise checklist

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In the Present Surprise series, dolls are not divided into traditional clubs.

As always, dolls are divided into ultra-rare, rare and delightful.

The LOL Surprise Present Surprise collection has 12 dolls. Each of them is a month in a year. Each birthday girl has her own doll LOL Surprise as a gift.

lol surprise present surprise all dolls
lol present surprise checklist
lol surprise present surprise dolls

There are no clubs in this LOL doll series. These are separate dolls for each month of the year. There are fabulous, rare and ultra-rare lol surprise dolls.

Dolls from LOL Surprise Present Surprise can cry (literally, splash water), spit (there are such uneducated babies), change color. The only thing they have in common is that they look simply chic!

lol surprise present surprise unpacking 8
lol surprise present surprise unpacking 15
  1. Miss Garnet – January girl.
  2. Violet – February girl.
  3. Aqua – March girl.
  4. Carats – April girl.
  5. Emerald Babe – May girl.
  6. Pearl Q.T. – June girl.
  7. Jubilee – July girl.
  8. Festive B.B. – August girl.
  9. Sweet Sapphire – September girl.
  10. Opal Q.T. – October girl.
  11. Pumpkin Spice – November girl.
  12. Holidaze – December girl.

Each of them has their own skills, outfits and looks. Naturally, every girl would want a doll that she was born with in one month. But the surprise is the surprise that you can’t guess in advance! But it’s okay if the dates of birth don’t match, you can try again. LOL dolls collect. But what to do if you get a copy, which is already in your collection? Switch! And since many people are involved in collecting, it will not be difficult. So you can also find new friends, with whom your baby will be united by a common hobby.

lol surprise present surprise doll
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lol surprise present surprise unpacking 6

We found a promo- photo of the LOL Present Surprise dolls.

lol surprise present surprise

Each LOL Present doll has an water surprise. Drink it with water and the doll will wet herself, cry, change color or spit.

lol present surprise dolls

LOL Surprise Present Surprise release expected in fall 2020.

lol surprise present may bbs
May B.B.s

At the same time a limited edition LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise sub-series was released.

It is a large box with a comfortable handle and a beautiful festive bow, which contains even more gifts: three outfits, accessories, shoes, bottle and (drumroll) not only a doll LOL, but her pet!

True, the surprise in the limited edition series is not so unexpected. The kits are available in only two versions, and they are packaged in a certain box: in pink Miss Partay doll and pet Partay Puppay, in blue – Sprinkles doll and pet Sprin-Claws. So this is where you can choose your destiny.

But there’s a spectacular unpacking to celebrate. The doll is hidden on the last layer of the “hissing” gift. You need to pour water into the bottom of the box and dissolve the sizzling bomb in it. Inside will be another box with a bow – there and the doll and her pet are hidden.

The limited edition LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise is already available on request.

Where to buy LOL Surprise Present Surprise?

L.O.L. Surprise dolls are so popular that you can buy them anywhere – at Amazon, Wollmart or any store in your country. Just make sure they are original products.

What’s the Price ?

Check price of LOL Surprise Present Surprise on Amazon.

  1. Becky E Rodriguez says:

    when will this be available in the usa? Im anxious to get them for my daughters big lol collection. please let me know. thank you so very much. stay safe

    1. Administrator says:

      We will update the information on the site as soon as the lol surprise present surprise dolls are on sale. Roughly at the end of summer. Follow our site and instagram.

  2. Yvonne Kimbler says:

    Can’t wait. Really need to find Miss Garnet for my granddaughter named Garnet.

  3. Jill Schwartz says:

    We got Festive B.B. and she does not spit, cry, pee or change color. According to the chart she should spit. I think we got a defective doll.

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