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NEW Barbie doll in a wheelchair – 2019

Barbie Wheelchairs

Barbie Wheelchairs

Mattel, fortunately, is aware of the importance of playing with dolls to shape the child’s personality, his self-confidence. The mission of the Barbie doll, as the most popular toy of all time, is precisely this.

Therefore, the release of a handicapped Barbie doll has already been announced. One doll will be with a prosthetic leg, and the second on a wheelchair. Also, the dolls waist will be slightly wider than the previous ones, and the hands of a more natural shape.

That will also have a beneficial effect on the child’s psyche. A black doll will also be in a wheelchair. The chair was designed with the assistance of specialists from the University of California, as a miniature copy of this wheelchair. Hinged doll, which makes it easy to seat.

Barbie Wheelchairs Barbie Wheelchairs

A girl born without a left hand participated in the development of the Barbie doll.

Barbie Wheelchairs (2)

Mattel believes that by their actions they show that physical defects and beauty are compatible concepts. We very much agree with them and we are happy to release new dolls of Barbie Wheelchairs even more!

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